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Past Trips


2017 Eziama Osuama Imo State April 10th - April 11th

We conducted a two day health fair at the St Micheal's Anglican Church Osuama Eziama Anara in Imo State.  We had a large turnout of the local community made up of the church members and other indigenes of the town.  Working with the local volunteers from the church we treated a wide range of ailments ranging from High Blood Pressure, Malaria, Stomach Ailments, Sexually Transmitted Infections etc.  We also engaged with the community children effectively deworming over 300 children and providing them with multivitamins.  Our Volunteer Surgeon Dr Iyama conducted surgeries ranging from Lipomas to hernia removal without cost to the beneficiaries.


 2017 Aladinma Community Health Center Amauzari Imo State April 12th - April 13th

We also conducted a two day Health Fair at the Aladinma Health Center where we had massive turnouts from both the local community and the nearby towns.  We attended to patients from as far as Ehime Mbano, Umunkwo, Agbaja, Amaraku and even had spillovers from our previous site in Eziama who we could not attend to before also availed themselves of the opportunity.  Our indefatigable Surgeon perfomed well over 20 more surgeries and only stopped seeing patients only when we ran out of supplies.  Our team kept on seeing patiets even well into the night amidst a heavy rain downpour till even last patient was attended to and received their prescribed medication and complementary packs.  

We also engaged in massive deworming of the children and adults and treated ailments ranging from malaria to high blood pressure, back pains, infections etc.  All pregnant and nursing mothers received antenatal packs made up of baby products.  

At the end of the fair we established a Community Health Workers Team to help us in house to house monitoring of patients we identified with serious high blood pressures.  They will engage with the patients on a regular basis, take their blood pressure and advise them to go the hospital if they notice any issues and generally keep the patients informed about healthy lifestyles and how to take their medications. This initiative came as a result of deaths that could be prevented simply by the victims being informed and for intervention to occur at the right time.

 We donated the remaining medications that were sorely needed in the communities and also to the St Andrews Anglican Church Medical Missions in Enugu ranging from Analgesics, Antibiotics, Multivitamins, Antihypentensives, Antdiabetics, Respiratory Medications and Skin Care Creams.  


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