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Mission Statement 
"With healing hands and carings hearts we are reaching out towards our professional colleagues."


Next Mission Trip
Hope & Encouragement - Uganda 2022.
On October 2022, CTM will be travelling to Baale Mukono, in Kayunga District, Central Uganda.
Our Focus this time will be education centered as well health on the most disadvantaged people in the district.
  • Sponsorship of ten young girls in Elementary School for a year, (Elementary school - $90 per semester - $270 per year).

  • Sponsorship of ten young girls in High school for a year, (High School - $135 per semester, $405 per year)


  • Provide sanitary pads for 100 girls, in order to reduce the rate of school drop out for young girls, due to lack of basic requirements @ $23.00 for a year per girl.  

  • Donate ten (10), sewing machines, sewing accessories for the girls to assist them in learning skills that will give them some income  - cost of 1 sewing machine & accessories = $100.00

We will also conduct our routine  Health Clinics featuring health screening exercises

  • Blood Pressure Checks

  • Blood Sugar Checks

  • Instant Hemoglobin Checks

  • Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Education

Past Trips
2021 - enumah, Support A Girl for a Period Initiative

In June 2021, CTM will be travelling to Imo State, Nigeria.  We plan to visit the following institutions of learning 

  • Comprehensive Secondary School, Amauzari , Isiala -Mbano 

  • Mercy High School , Umuezeala Owerri , Ehime - Mbano LGA 

  • Local Community Churches


We will mostly focus on the Support a Girl for a Period Initiative on this trip.  Our aim being to educate young girls on proper menstrual hygiene and to provide at least One Year Supply of Sanitary Pads for a teenager.  We kindly ask that you support us in this endeavor through your donations and prayers.


We will also conduct our routine  Health Clinics featuring health screening exercises

  • Blood Pressure Checks

  • Blood Sugar Checks

  • Instant Hemoglobin Checks

  • Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Education

2019 Freetown, Sierra Leone

In October 2019, CTM partnered with the RainBo Initiative in Free Town Sierra Leone.  RainBo Initiative is an organization in Sierra Leone, that works with sexually assaulted survivors . They presently serve 5 districts out of 16 districts in the country.

During our 10 days visit , we were able to accomplish our goals, worked with the staff in their clinics , saw about 200 patients including those recently raped or getting treatments from treatment from the aftermath of the rape or sexual violence.


Women were mainly the victims ranging from 3 year old to 50s. We encountered a lot of teenage pregnancies resulting from the rape and child marriages as families tend to take the cultural way of making the perpetrator marry the victim.

We visited the Aberdeen Women health center that offer services to these teenage pregnant mothers including free deliveries. We visited the Female Correctional facility , donated sanitary packs and had prayer and encouragement sessions with them .  We will be sending bibles, vitamins and more sanitary kits to them.

We visited some High schools and had the opportunity of speaking to the Students advising them on abstinence a, STDs, and how to avoid situations that can expose them to being sexually violated.


We have continued to support the RainBo Initiative and recently in 2020 donated 20 Hospital Beds to the Female Correctional facility to assist with new hospital wing.

2017 Eziama and Amauzari, Imo State, Nigeria

In April 2017, We embarked on a mission trip to Imo State in the South Eastern Zone of Nigeria.  What abundant blessings it was to partner and work with the saints at St Michael Anglican Church and Community, Eziama – Osuama, Isiala Mbano. We were also privileged to work with the Amauzari community in Isiala Mbano, all In Imo State of Nigeria. This trip we called Rapha Missions even before arrangements were initiated to go, because we know and believe that Jesus still wills to heal the sick.

Our trip met with a lot of challenges ranging from logistics of clearing our luggage’s, transportation, heavy rains and bad   roads  but all in all we conducted two huge clinics , opened and donated left over medications with the medical Directors  of Aladinma Health Center , Amauzari , and the Enugu East Diocesan Medical outreach : Dr C Okoye and Dr, Ezepue.

Working with the sick and healthy people of Eziama and Amauzari was an outreach that fulfilled our missions. We conducted health screening exercises –checking Blood pressure, blood sugars, instant hemoglobin checks as needed, health education and promotion. Our local team constituted of volunteer nurses, physicians, and a surgeon, with their assistance, we were able to provide services for over 2000 peoples (adults and children).

Our able surgeon (Dr Inyama) was able to perform 33 minor surgeries ranging from hernia repairs, removal of lipoma, ganglions and cysts to a more intensive hydrocelectomy and a hypospadias repair in an 8 year old boy. It was very rewarding to provide surgical services to someone where medical and surgical care is very expensive and unaffordable or non-existent.

Our pharmacy was stocked with a variety of medications ranging from analgesics, antibiotics, multivitamins, antihypertensive, anti-diabetics, respiratory medications and skin care creams. Each patient received more than a month supply of their prescriptions for free. The pharmacy was manned by two pharmacist from our team, nurses and two local volunteers who was interpreting instructions as needed. Every child patient was dewormed as water borne disease is one of the prevalent diseases in the area.

Our Women and Children’s Health section was heavily attended by expectant moms, sick and healthy babies.  All expectant mothers received the maternity pack which included diaper, baby lotion, comb, clothes, towel, diaper rash cream and soap as gift.

Part of the mission of Calvary Torch is to train local doctors, and health care workers to continue doing God’s work even after the trip. To this end we established and trained three local volunteers as “community healthcare workers” to follow up with most of the identified hypertensive patients. They will be providing FREE blood pressure monitoring at least once a week, coordinating with the local doctor for follow up management. These community health workers live in the community and can be reached easily more than going to the clinic or health center. We will continue to monitor their effectiveness and coordinate on how to ensure that these patients can get refills for their medications as needed.

2015 Chibombo District , Zambia September 11th - September 20th

Conducted two huge health Clinics in both Liteta and Kamishishi in Chibombo District, a rural farming district in Zambia approximately two hours drive from the capital city Lusaka.  Donated Medications we had left over after the health clinics to the Medical Director of Chibombo Health Center - Dr Priscilla Chisha Kalonde.  During the Health Clinics we with support from two local physicians we conducted Health Screening Exercises - Blood Pressure, Blood Sugars, Instant Hemoglobin Checks, Health Education and Promotion, Dental Care and Education.  Read More....

2014 Cotonuo, Benin Repulic May 23rd - May 29th

Embarked on a Rural Community Health Screening, Health Promotion and Health Education in Cotonuo


2007 Nigeria June 25th - July 4th

Embarked on a robust agenda:

One week Nursing Seminar in collaboration with the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu Nigeria. The Theme: 21st Century Nursing, Where Are You?


2005 Ghana November 25th - December 4th

Rural Community Health Screening

One week Nursing Seminar in collaboration with the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu Nigeria. The Theme: 21st Century Nursing, Where Are You?

Mission Trip Preparation

A CTM short term mission trips require rigorous preparation. We are challenged spiritually, physically, mentally, financially and culturally as we adapt quickly to the cultural norm and standard of the region. Each member of the group is equipped with differing gifts, but through our prayers and collaborative spirit our team is able to garner support on the ground to supply what we may lack. Every mission trip individually, stretches and grows our faith, we often leave feeling that we receive far more than we gave. Such rewards can not be quantified, but we are thankful for the opportunity to spread the love of the Lord through our gift.


Mission Trip Logistics & Planning

Calvary Torch Missions Trips are mostly short term missionary work ranging between 3 days  to 14 days during which which hold a series of activities which might include Worship Session with local host community in their place of worship, followed by seminars and health education programmes, Health Screening Clinics, Health Baby Contests, School Kids Quizzes, Teenage appropriate workshops, Prize giving and donation of medications and medical supplies and equipment to the local health center. Read More...

Preparation Includes:

Spiritual retreat to seek God's direction for country/region selection

Contact with host country healthcare department for coordinator contact

Preparing the presentation of proposal for missions visit


Supply preparation:

Outline of required supplies to target needs of the population

Securing and organizing of supplies for shipment from:

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