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Past Trips


2015 Chibombo District , Zambia September 11th - September 20th

Conducted two huge health Clinics in both Liteta and Kamishishi in Chibombo District, a rural farming district in Zambia approximately two hours drive from the capital city Lusaka.  Donated Medications we had left over after the health clinics to the Medical Director of Chibombo Health Center - Dr Priscilla Chisha Kalonde.  During the Health Clinics we with support from two local physicians we conducted Health Screening Exercises - Blood Pressure, Blood Sugars, Instant Hemoglobin Checks, Health Education and Promotion, Dental Care and Education.  

We donated medications that were sorely needed in the community ranging from Analgesics, Antibiotics, Multivitamins, Antihypentensives, Antdiabetics, Respiratory Medications and Skin Care Creams.  We also conducted deworming exercises for all the patients as water borne diseasesis very prevalent in this area.

We also held our Women and Children's Health Section that was heavily attended by expectant mothers, sick and healthy babies.

We conducted a healthy baby contest with about 20 babies contesting and prizes were given to the contestants.  Expectant mothers recieved maternity packs that included Diapers, baby Lotion, Combs, Clothes, Towel, Diaper Rash Cream and Soap.  School Children were educated on good hygiene practices both at the health clinic and at the School  - Villages of Hope School and School Supplies were distributed and donated to the School.  Teenagers were not left out as our Team Pharmacist educated them on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and counselled them of protective sexual practices as it was discovered that there is a huge prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Infections among a high population of the community due to unprotected sex practices and ignorance.


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