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Calvary Torch Missions
in Partnership with
Adaklu Community Leaders & Assemblies of God Church Ghana

 This year, God has opened another wonderful opportunity to continue in obedience to the Great Commission to minister to our brothers and sisters in many parts of the world. 

Join us as we “Fra” on another short-term mission trip to Ghana. Our dates span from October 3rd to October 12th, 2024. This will be our second mission trip to Ghana and we will be ministering in Adaklu, HO Volta region of Ghana.


We are partnering with Frank & Evelyn Sosu, the Adaklu Community Leaders, Pastor Dr Joseph Senyo Pongo and the Assemblies of God Church Ghana, to bring Love and Compassion to the community just as Jesus commissioned us to do.


During our stay, we will take on numerous tasks, some of which include:

  • Bible classes, worship and fellowship with the members of the Assemblies of God Church in HO Ghana especially the youths, women.

  • Conduct a two-day health fair & clinic providing health screening, health education and health promotion alongside the local health care providers in the community. (any amount towards procuring medication for the health fair).

  • Provide Food and Support to the Elderly, Widows & Orphans within the community.


  • Visit the HealthCare Staff of the General Hospital in HO & Donate medical Supplies, share ideas and encouragement in the mission of caring and healing.

  • Provide Sanitary Pads for 100 girls to reduce the rate of school drop out of young girls, due to the lack of basic requirements @ $23.00 for a year per girl.

Are you ready to get out of your boat and join us as

“We cross over to the other side “.

Remember it is not a suggestion from Jesus, it is a COMMAND.

 1Samuel 15:22 reminds us that “to obey is better than sacrifice “

because obedience shows that you believe.


Our team is bursting with excitement and intend to once again return to the field to carry out God’s good intention. We ask that He bless us with the strength, protection and support to take on this role in responding to His Great Commission. If you feel so called, please lend your support. The biggest blessing that you can provide for us would be to include us in your prayers, pray for our safe travels, open hearts, the community and for each day to come with a chance of bringing Christ hope and encouragement to each person we encounter.


How Can You Help?

 Partner with us in our drive to “Bring Love & Compassion to the Needy”


Donate either through our website her or our GoFundMe page.

God bless you as you give

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